Generic Device Type Manager for HART®-Field Devices

Generic HART DTMIf Universal and Common Practice Commands of the HART® protocol are sufficient for commissioning, operation and maintenance of HART® field devices in a plant, any field device can be parameterized using the Generic HART® DTM.

This DTM contains parameterization, diagnosis, display of dynamic variables and data acquisition with archiving in csv-formatted text files or Microsoft ACCESS data bases. In addition 5 calibration methods with a step by step guide are provided.

Together with PACTware you are provided with an extremely cost-saving solution to get plant asset management support and an easy condition monitoring.

We offer the Generic HART®DTM Release 5 in our Download Area for testing. For best support of maintenance personel user interface and documentation are available in Chinese, German, English, French and Portuguese.

Tutorial videos are provided on our youtube channel and 5 minutes later you will know how Generic HART®DTM works!

For device manufacturers the Generic HART®DTM can be ordered with an own Brand Label.

Do you require a special DTM for your field device to provide all features to your customers in an appealing manner? Find out more about the implementation of a DTM. More ...

The Standard License unlocks the DTM for unlimited use on one PC.The Professional License additionally provides 5 calibration methods: sensor trim, zero trim, DAC trim, scaled DAC trim and loop test for use on one PC.The Site License permits the use of the Generic HART DTMs on all PCs at a company site.

Some functions of Generic HART Device Type Manager

Display of device status in PACTware project view.

Generic HART DTM

PACTware protocol of device state
Generic HART DTM

Trending and archiving of measured values

Generic HART DTM

Sensor trim

Generic HART DTM

DAC trim
Generic HART DTM

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